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Why Magento owners leave Magento 2.0? That’s an interesting question!

Magento 2 is rule the world nowadays but some Magento owners leave Magento 2.0. So why? You know? Magento 2.0 have many advantages but it has many disadvantages too.  

In this post, we will find out what are common pros and cons of Magento 2. Let’s start!

Some Disadvantages of Magento 2.0 That You Should Know:


In the Beta version, errors are sometimes appearing when developers try to access the Magento 2.0 storefront or Magento 2.0 Admin after installation. This is one of the reasons why Magento owners leave Magento 2.0, but, you don’t worry! Hopefully, this glitch will be ironed out for the Magento 2.1.0 official launch.


As with Magento 2, before you notice, self-hosting means running the risk of tech glitches happening that chase your clients off. You know? you might combat this by using Magento 2.1.0 to alert you to these issues, allowing you to keep clients on your site until the sale is closed.

3.Old Dogs, New Tricks

In order to work efficiently with the Magento 2.0 platform, Magento developers used to working on Magento will need to upskill; if you switch to version 2.1.0 as soon as it launches this inevitably means the possibility of ongoing technical glitches. Maybe Magento owners leave Magento 2.0 because of the Old Dogs, New Tricks, but you know? Magento will be officially supported for three years after the official Magento 2.1.0 release, so you don’t need to rush your upgrade and might wait until  your developer or you is feeling confident.

4.Not All Extensions Are Available Yet for Magento 2

Any extensions you currently have integrated with your Magento 1 platform  might not be ported into Magento 2.  Thus, you will have extra cost regardless, you might  repurchase your extensions and you also  might put resources into integrating them anew on your Magento 2 ecommerce website.

This con is one that creates a hesitancy in many retailers considering upgrading to Magento 2. With the new release, it will take time for the development community to build extensions compatible  as well as dig into Magento 2. Some Magento owners leave Magento 2.0 because there are not all extensions are available yet for Magento 2.

However, there are many cool Magento 2 extensions already available. 

Magento owner leave Magento because of Magento 2.1.0

Magento owners leave Magento 2.0
Magento owners leave Magento 2.0

The community lay big hopes on Magento 2.1.0 . You know?   Magento 2.1 is expected to be much more comfortable for both development companies and final users and able to start the mushroom growth of new Magento 2 stores. There are many features of Magento 2.1.0.

1.Enterprise Edition Features

The provided Magento EE 2.1 new features are quite impressive as well as make a  big difference in merchandising and in-store marketing.

2.User-friendly dashboards

into global campaigns, User-friendly dashboards enable multiple marketers to schedule and create individual promotions as well as combine them easily. With the new functionality,  you can preview the changes across the e-commerce store, including checkout pages and product, from the outset as well as forget about this piece of work hereinafter.

3.Braintree Hosted Fields

In Magento 2.1, the implemented Braintree fields securely collect all sensitive data, so you can comply with the simplest PCI DSS level still leaving you full  conversion rates and control over checkout .

4.Content Staging and Preview

With Content Staging and Preview feature, You can  manage and provide new content much faster and without inconsistency. Without the need to involve IT experts you might stage, preview, schedule, approve different content very easily .

5.Improved Management Interfaces

You might create content and new products faster, search information easier with Magento 2.1.

6.Features for Magento EE and Magento CE

You might improve conversion rates and avoid multiple headaches related to sensitive data storage.  


With Elasticsearch, to deliver only relevant search results, Magento 2.1.0 admins are able to determine stop synonyms, words and attribute weighting.



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