Magento 2 index management

$6. Magento 2 Index Management: Everything you should know

Magento 2 Index Management Indexing is the work you have to practice day by day as a store admin. Therefore, Index Management is the important tool that you must learn about. Magento 2 owns an amazing index management section that will index your data into a special table, and automatically update or reindex if any data changes. […]

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Magento 2 media storage

$5. How to store media in the database and CDN in Magento 2?

Magento 2 Store media in the database Magento 2 Alternate Media storage gives you 2 options for storing your media files. You can choose to store media files in a database on a database server or on a Content Delivery Network. This tutorial will tell you how to store media in the both 2 ways. Alternate […]

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Magento 2 cache management: refresh and clear cache

$3. Magento 2 Cache Management: Refresh and Clear Cache

Magento 2 Cache Management You can find a lot of ways to improve Magento 2 performance. However, I can tell you the easiest way to do that is using Magento 2 Cache Management. Invalid caches, unnecessary caches are one of the most popular reason make your site slow, this Magento 2 tool allows you to […]

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export products data from Magento 2

$2. Export products data from Magento 2

Products data from Magento 2 You can follow these steps to export product data in Magento 2:  Go to export menu in Magento 2 dashboard. Go to system section to configure the export setting. Choosing all the attribute values you want Download the data In the previous post, I have told you how to Import […]

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import products data in Magento 2

How to Import Products Data in Magento 2

You can follow these steps to import products data in Magento 2: Step 1: Create Products data Step 2: Import products data into Magento 2 Step 3: Check the products data. Finish Magento 2 allows users to import products data into the stores, with exception of bundle and downloadable products. And not only the products data, but […]

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5 types of magento 2 reports

Everything About 5 Types of Magento 2 Reports

Here are the methods that you’re going to comply with this Everything about 5 types of Magento 2 reports: Sales reports Marketing reports Review reports Customer reports Product reports Magento has an excellent tool that automatically show the reports of business status for users. Magento 2, of course, doesn’t miss this feature. Furthermore, they even build […]

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