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Let imagine I’m standing from the point of a store owner, assuming myself having a multi-product online stores selling small accessories, clothes. The holiday season is coming rapidly and I have to prepare a lot things to do with my super campaign. In the lovely day, I am trying to login my  backend site but boom! I forgot Magento 2 admin password. I believe that next step will be research for “How to reset magento 2 admin password” and try to find someone have same proplem like me to find solution. And I think you will do like us, but It is really complicated to reset the password of Magento 2 admin account, isn’t it?

So now, We won’t let you waiting anymore.

Simple tips to reset your Magento 2 admin password

The easiest way to reset and change your Magento 2 admin password is configure in the backend like this:

Reset Magento 2 admin password
Reset Magento 2 admin password

Step 1: Click on “Forgot your password button”

Step 2: Enter the  email address that is associated with the Admin account.

Step 3: Tap the “Retrieve Password” Icon

In case an account is associated with the email address, you can receive an email to reset your password.

Another solution is that you can use Magento CLI to solve this problem. I have lost my password too, and my solution is  creating a new admin user by using this command:

After doing this, you can go to admin panel to change the user and password that you loss.

To sign in to the Magento 2 Admin account

Step 1: In the address bar of your browser, enter the URL that was specified during the installation, followed by the base URL of your store’s Admin. The default Admin URLs look something like this:



Step 2: You can bookmark the page, or save a shortcut on your desktop for easy access.

Step 3: Enter your Admin User Name and Password.

Step 4: Tap Login .

To sign out of the Magento 2 Admin account:

In the upper-right corner, tap the Account icon. Then on the menu, choose Sign Out.

The Sign-In page returns, with a message that you are logged out. It’s always a good idea to sign out of the Admin whenever you leave your computer unattended.

I Forgot Magento 2 Admin Password too, it is the thing that happens to everyone and learn how to reset your Magento 2 admin password is really necessary. However, you can’t reset the password as many times as you want, so one time you lost your admin password, one time you must pay more attention to it.
Up there, I just explain how to reset Magento 2 admin password  in phpMyAdmin and a little more if you want to reset through email. Next time, I really want to tell you about getting back Magento 2 admin password in local host.
Hope my post will be helpful. Thanks for reading.

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Reset Magento 2 admin password
Reset Magento 2 admin password
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