product autosetting in magento 2
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Here are the measures that you will comply with within this Product AutoSetting: New Configuration in Magento 2? 

  1. Where is Magento 2 Product AutoSetting?
  2. How to configure Product AutoSetting Section?

Users are familiar with Magento the first version but never work with Magento 2 before can’t know about AutoSetting Configuration. This is a hold new Section in Admin page. It allows you to add some other attributes for the products.

AutoSetting is the part that you don’t have to edit, however, it concludes some useful product attributes for product page. Therefore, I think that learn how to configure this Section can be really helpful when you want to optimize your product page.

Don’t waste your time anymore, let go to the main part. Today, I will show you how AutoSetting Section look like and the way to edit it.

Where is Magento 2 Product AutoSetting?

  • In Admin page, you Open product catalog.
  • Open a product in Edit mode. Then expand the Advance Setting Section, looking for AutoSetting and click on it.
  • That’s how you find the configuration.

magento 2.3 catalog advance setting

How to configure Product AutoSetting Section?

Now I will explain each field in Product AutoSetting for you.

  • Short Description: It can be used as the product description appear on catalog pages. Short Description also can be sent as a full description for product RSS feeds to shopping sites.
  • WYSIWYG Editor: You can edit the detail of the descriptions in the pop-up window when you click on this field.
  • Visibility: This field determines the level of visibility the product has throughout the store. You can choose between Not visible individuallyCatalog, Search or Catalog, SearchThe default option is Catalog, Searchit means this product will appear both in the catalog and when customers search.
  • Set Product as New from Date: Here you can edit the first date product will be showed in the New product block in Homepage. The calendar tool next to the field will help you to fill in.
  • Set Product as New to Date: Just like the field above, but this is the last date.
  • Country of Manufacture: You enter where the product was manufactured here. Customers absolutely put more trust in the product with a clear identity.
  • Allow gift message: It determines if a gift message can be added to an order. Clear the checkbox to override the default setting. Options are Yes or No.

The attributes Product AutoSetting allow you to add in can be really useful, right? Especially the ability to edit the Short description and Manufacture Country. That is really helpful in gaining trust from customers, which is so important in Online Business. Therefore, you will not regret if you spend a little time to learn how to configure Product AutoSetting Section.

Hope my post can be helpful. Thanks for reading!

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