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Customer Reports in Magento 2

1 Order total report
2 Order Count report
3 New accounts report

You want to boost sales, you must understand the customers. Customer reports are the useful tool to analyze your customers, tracking them, find out the product they love and depend on that, satisfy them. Magento 2 adds customer reports as one of their features. The platform will automatically show you the statistics of your total orders, orders per customer and the number of new customer accounts opened. This tutorial will give you some guideline to manage all of that.

The first thing to know, Magento 2 customer reports include Order total report, Order Count report and New account report.You can choose to show these report for a specific time interval or date range.

  • Order total report shows you the total number of orders, average order per customer and total amount.
  • Order Count report contains the number of orders per customer, average order amount and total amount.
  • New accounts report show the number of new customer account during a period of time.

Let go to the main point.

How to manage customer report in Magento 2?

  • To show the report you want, you need to follow some simple steps below.
  • On admin sidebar, looking for Report Section. In report section, under Customer, you can see 3 types of reports I already list above. Choose the one you need, for example, Customer Order total report.

magento 2.3 report order total

In the Order total report page, you set the time interval or the date range you want to get reports for.

Customer Reports in Magento 2
Customer Reports in Magento 2
  • You can choose to get customer order reports of all the website or just one website in the store view field and set the date in the field under that. Then you can show the reports by clicking the  Refresh button or Magento 2 also allows you to export the report to CSV or Excel file. It’s very convenient for store-owner to track customers by themselves.

You can repeat these steps to get all the customer reports as you want.

  • That’s the guideline I can give you to manage customer reports in Magento 2. It will be a really helpful tool for tracking customer and of course, final purpose is that you can give them what they want. I think no one wants to miss this feature during the time they use Magento 2.
  • Hope my post can be helpful. Thanks for reading!

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How to Manage Sales Reports in Magento 2 - Magento 2.3

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