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The Magento version is one of the most important factors that every Magento webmaster must know. Each version has its pros & cons that can directly affect the load speed, security, and conversion rate of the website. However, before installing the upgrade to the latest version, webstore owners must know their own Magento site version first.

magento version

This article will introduce to you 4 simple ways to check your current version and the latest one of Magento as well. Besides, it provides a detailed guideline of how to download and upgrade your site version in both Magento 1 and Magento 2.

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How to check your Magento version:

Add /magento_version

This is actually not a service but a trick for you to quickly check the Magento 2 version website.  Everything you need to do is to add /magento_version after your domain URL and go searching. This will give you a short answer of the Magento version and edition run on your website.

check your magento version by url

Checking Magento version with online tools

With the internet connected, you can easily determine which version of Magento that your webstore is on. Here are 3 fastest and simplest online tools that can show your Magento version in seconds just by typing the URL of your webstore.


This is a very easy way to determine which version of Magento you are using, working for both Community and Enterprise edition. You only have to insert your site URL to get the answer.
check your magento version by magentoversion.com

This online service shows you your current Magento version and the latest version of Magento, in both Community and Enterprise edition.


check magento version by magescan.com

MageScan is a service to helps webstore owners and developers check their sites against recommended Magento security standards. It helps determine the version of a Magento install by analyzing default Magento files and how they change between releases.
magento version check result by magenscan.com

Entering your shop URL and MageScan will provide you not only version and edition of the Magento site but also other information like hosting provider, admin panel, logs, version control, development files, etc.


MageReport is a free online tool allows users to check the status of their Magento sites with lightening quick results. The report not only contains current version of Magento used but also insights on the security status of the scanned webstores, and how to fix possible vulnerabilities as well.
magento version check result by magereport.com

Magereport is a product of Byte.nl, a hosting professional for Magento shop. The service is good because it uses behaviour-based identifications patterns. Following is the list of known security vulnerabilities that MageReport checks for Magento shops:

  • Current Magento version
  • Outdated Magento version
  • Default /admin location
  • Ransomware
  • Security patch
  • Unprotected version control
  • Outdated server software

Checking with Chrome Extension

With $9.9 paid, you will earn a Chrome extension called Version Check for Magento extension. It helps determine which Magento version is running on the site and indicate if the version is outdated.
check your magento version by chrome extension

However, this extension was designed to check the version on the website running Magento Community edition only.

The extension is localized for the following languages: Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesia, Italian, Japanese, Malaysian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian,…

Checking in Admin Dashboard

You can easily determine your current Magento version by following 2 steps:

  1. Log into your Magento Admin Backend.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page in the Magento Admin Footer. The version number can be found in the center of the footer.

check magento version by admin dashboard

If your admin theme has been reformed and you don’t see “Magento ver.” in the footer, go to Magento Connect Manager in one of the following ways:

Visit: https://www.example.com/downloader/

Or https://www.example.com/magento/downloader/

Or: System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager

Look for “Mage_All_Latest” In the “Package Name” column and the number X.X.X.X (stable) is the version of your Magento.

What is The latest version of Magento:

The latest version of Magento is always a benefit in ways that you may not immediately notice. In the latest version of Magento 1 and Magento 2, there are some outstanding new features that you cannot pass through without noticing.

Magento 1

Magento 1 Community Edition

This version solves the problems of both security and functional issues discovered when using the SUPEE-9767 patch. With Magento CE, you do not need to install SUPEE or any other patches. Because SUPEE 9767 is already installed in Magento

The latest version of Magento 1 can:

  • Help you take back the missing strip_tags directly in JavaScript.
  • Change validates form keys using five-steps checkout process. This will fix customers’ fail registration due to when form key authentication enabled.
  • Display the Allow_symlinks in the Admin message.
  • Preserve the background transparency of uploaded images.
  • Use checkout with Multiple Addresses.
  • When you install or upgrade Magento 1 latest version, the symlinks option is disabled.

Here is the collection of all Magento 1 CE official versions:

Magento CE version
Magento CE version
Magento CE version
Magento CE version
Magento CE version
Magento CE version
Magento CE version
Magento CE version
 Magento CE version
 Magento CE version
 Magento CE version
 Magento CE version
 Magento CE version
 Magento CE version
 Magento CE version
 Magento CE version

To update and follow the versions for Magento 1 CE release note, you can find more here!

Magento 1 Enterprise Edition

The current Magento version for Enterprise Edition has some similar features as Community Edition. You do not need to install SUPEE-9767 version 2 as it already concludes in the

Besides, the latest version for Magento Enterprise Edition also fixes some problems customers face to when using the old version.

  • The version adds a missing form_key to the enterprise shipping template. You can follow this: app/design/frontend/enterprise/default/template/checkout/one page/shipping.phtml)
  • Strip_tags functionally restore in the check out JavaScript.
  • Magento validates form keys has been changed during the five-step checkout process.
  • Full Page Cache is enabled allow customers add a product to the shopping cart.
  • The newest version display the Allow_symlinks in the Admin massage
  • Background transparency is preserved when uploading an image.
  • Multiple Addresses help you to check out when checking out form validation is enabled.

Here is the collection of all Magento 1 EE official versions:

 Magento EE version
 Magento EE version
 Magento EE version
 Magento EE version
 Magento EE version
 Magento EE version
 Magento EE version
 Magento EE version
 Magento EE version

To update and follow the versions for Magento 1 EE release note, you can find more here!

Magento 2

Magento 2 Open Source (Formerly Community Edition) 2.1.8

Magento Open Source 2.1.8 consists over 100 functional fixes and enhancements as well as pull requests from the community. Look for the following highlights in this release:

  • multiple enhancements to static content deployment and generation
  • improvements to the indexing of large catalogs, cache tuning, and **URL rewrites
  • reduction in the amount of memory that mass actions require, and performance optimization
  • faster deployments for multi-language sites

This release includes important enhancements to your Magento software.

Magento 2 Commerce (Formerly Enterprise Edition) 2.1.8

Magento 2 Commerce 2.1.8 has some similar new features as Magento for Open Source 2.1.8 as it tackles all the critical issues happening in the last version and performance optimization which was introduced.

To use the latest version for Magento 2 CE and EE is built on PHP and MySQL that you required in your Magento site.
Here is the collection of all Magento 2 official versions:

 Magento version 2.1.8
 Magento version 2.1.7
 Magento version 2.1.6
 Magento version 2.1.5
 Magento version 2.1.4
 Magento version 2.1.3
 Magento version 2.1.2
 Magento version 2.1.1

To update and follow the latest version for Magento 2 release note, you can find more here!

How to update Magento versions:

Upgrade from M1 to M1

Before start updating Magento, we recommend you to follow these steps:

  • Have a recent and clean backup, both a file and database backup so you can restore your data easily if anything goes wrong.
  • Check the versions release notes to see what changes have been made.
  • Choose a quiet moment to update your Magento, especially when there is as less traffic on your site as possible.
  • Test an update on a staging environment to make sure all aspects of your shop are compatible with the newest version.

Updating Magento version via the Connect Manager

– Go to System > click on Magento Connect Manager in Magento Connect

update magento version step 1

– Switch to Setting tab, set Stable on Preferred state option

update magento version step 2

– Switch to Extensions tab,  enter the following into the extension key box:
update magento version step 3

Source code: magento-core/Mage_All_Lates

Verify and go live

– Open any pages in backend (Return to Admin link) to verify the upgrade

– Delete maintenance.flag file

– Go to System > Index Management to reindex all indexes

– Go to System > Cache Management to enable all caches

Upgrade from M2 to M2 (Updating…)

Upgrade from M1 to M2 (Updating…)

With the improvement of Magento versions, retailers business is being supported continuously and conveniently. Not only customers can easily access and purchase but also admins can manage their business effortlessly. Thus, we highly recommend shop owners to check and update Magento versions regularly to take the best result out of the platform. You can download Magento (all versions of Magento 1 and Magento 2) to keep up-to-date with the latest version.

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