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The first time we set up a Magento store, we need to add store information for it about: Address, store name, telephone number, hours of operation, country, region/state, Zip code, VAT number …

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Magento 2 store information Ultimate guide
Magento 2 store information Ultimate guide

Magento is complex and sometimes we spend a lot of time to find where to edit it, so in this post, I will talk about how to add/change the Magento 2 store information such as: Address, telephone number, VAT,  Zip code …

Ultimate guide about Magento 2 store information

1, On the Magento 2 admin sidebar, you click to Store and then go to Configuration at the flyout box.

2, In the panel on the left under General, choose General.

3, Expand the Store Information section, and do the following:

How to add/edit store name in Magento 2

Enter the Magento Store Name that you want to use in all communications. Remember that you have to fill in your real store name because it will appear in all of invoice, website footer, …. till the time you add it. So if you don’t know how to edit store name in Magento ? Now you will know it!

Magento 2 store information Ultimate guide
Magento 2 store information Ultimate guide

How to add/edit Magento 2 store phone number

Another  information that you need to add into your store that is Store phone number, this can help your customers easier contact you. You just have to enter the Store Phone Number, formatted as you want it to appear. You can add more than 1 store phone numbers and make sure that the numbers you inserted is in correct Magento 2 store phone format.

Magento 2 store information Ultimate guide
Magento 2 store information Ultimate guide

How to set Magento 2 hours of operation

It’s very necessary to let customers know your open time of your Magento store, it’s so pity if customers go to your physical store in closed time. You can set the hours of operation in Magento 2 by following this:

In the Store Hours of Operation field, enter the hours your store is open for business. For example: Mon – Fri, 9-5, Sat 9-noon PST

Magento 2 store hours of operation
Magento 2 store hours of operation

How to set Magento 2 store address

Address of your physical store is a must have information on your Magento store. You can easily set your country, Region/state and street address:

  • Select the Country where your business is located.
  • Select the Region/State with the country.
  • Enter the Store Address. If the address is long, continue the address on Store Address Line 2.

It’s easy to add store address in Magento 2 right?

How to set Magento 2 VAT validation

The final thing that I want to tell you in this Magento 2 store information guide is about VAT validation, you can follow this to validate your VAT number:

If applicable, enter the VAT Number of your store. To verify the number, click the Validate VAT Number button.

When complete, tap Save Config.

Above is the ultimate guide about how to edit each speacific data in Magento 2 store information tab. I hope that it is useful and you can change/edit your Magento 2 store by yourself.

If my post doesn’t mention any kinds of information, you can feel free to comment here, I will reply you soon!

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