display and remove special price in magento 2
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Listed here are the measures you will stick to on this Magento 2 special price configuration tutorial:
  • How to display Magento 2 special price?
  • How to remove Magento 2 special price?

Magento 2 allows users to set 3 kinds of a special price for your product. They are Group price, Special price, and Tier price. It was decided base on customer group and website. Pricing is also one of the Advance Setting in Magento 2, it is a little more difficult than the basic setting ones so it will take you a while to learn how to display or remove the Special price. Before jumping into some Magento 2 special price configuration, we need to know:

What is Magento 2 Special price? 

First of all, you must know the definition of each kind of Magento 2 Special Price type before you set it on site: site.

  • Group price: It means you can set up promotional prices for specific customer groups within the selected website.
  • Special price: It will be used when you offers a discount price during a time period.
  • Tier price: This is for offering a quantity discount to members of a specific customer group and website.

That is 3 options for Magento 2 special price. Now let find out how to display or remove it.

How to display Magento 2 special price?

Sometimes, you have to face the problem that Magento 2 special price is not showing, but don’t worry! You need to open product in Edit mode, in the panel on the left under Advanced Settings, choose Advanced Pricing.

Magento 2 special price configuration
Magento 2 special price configuration


Now I will go detail in each Magento 2 Special Price type:

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1. Magento 2 Group Price

  • With this option, you can set a discounted price for members of a specific customer group, if they shop while logged in to their accounts, instead of the regular price the discounted price appears in the shopping cart.
  • In the Group Price section, you click in Add Group Price. Then, you set the group that receives the discounted price in Customer Group field and the group price in Price field. Now you can set a Magento 2 group special price.
  • If you want to add more Group price, just tap Add Group Price and repeat the same steps.

2. Magento 2 Special Price

  • The discounted price and the date during the special price are in effects is the things you must add to display this price type on the store.
Magento 2 special price configuration
Magento 2 special price configuration
  • You enter the amount of the of Special Price and complete Special Price From Date and Special Price To Date to set the period of time that the special price is in effect. There is a Calendar next to each field to help you set the date.

3. Magento 2 Tier Price

  • Remember that Set Tier price mean you can offer a quantity discount from the catalog list and product detail pages. This discounted price can be displayed in a specific store view or customer group.
  • Adding Tier Price will waste more time than the 2 other Price types.
Magento 2 special price configuration
Magento 2 special price configuration
  • In the Tier Price section, tap Add Tier. And set the following thing:
    • If your store has multiple websites, choose the Website where the tier pricing applies.
    • Just like Group price, you must add the Customer Group your special price apply for.
    • Qty field is the quantity that must be ordered to receive the tier price.
    • The adjusted price of each item will be set in Item Price field.
  • Note: If you want to apply the same tier to more than one group, you must create a separate tier for each group, but of course keep the same Qty and Price information. Tap Add Tier to add another Special price.

How to remove Magento 2 special price?

  • If you want to remove the special price you already set in your Magento 2 store, you just need to do the following thing.
  • With the Group Price and Tier Price, Click on the Action Delete at the end of each Group Price row.
Magento 2 special price configuration
Magento 2 special price configuration
  • And you want to remove the Special Price, just delete all the things you set before, the price and the date of a special price.
  • That is all about the Magento 2 Special price configuration, what it is and how to display or remove it. Set the Special price for Product is really necessary each time you run a promotion program, learn how to add and remove it can be helpful for every store-owners.

Hope my post can be helpful. Thanks for reading!

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