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Magento 2 shipping setting

Magento 2 shipping setting isn’t an easy task because of the complex of shipping rules, there are thousands of bugs that can occur during the configuration process. To help merchants, as well as developers, go through this step as smooth as possible, this post will explain clearly about Magento 2 shipping setting as well as how many shipping options that you should choose for your lovely stores.

Let’s jump in!

There are 3 things that are important when you set up your shipping methods:

1 Point of Origin
2 Shipping to Multiple Addresses
3 Shipping Policy

I will go to detail in each option.

1.Point of Origin

In Magento 2 Point of Origin interact with shipment data from warehouse to create the point of origin  which is affect to how to calculate tax in your store.

You can see the screenshot bellow:

magento 2.3 shipping setting

To configure Magento 2 shipping  – Point of origin you need to follow this path: Store  >> Configuration >>Sale to see some information box like above. You have to fill in the information:

1 Country
2 Region / State
3 ZIP / Postal Code
4 City
5 Street Address
  • Country: Which country that your customers located in.
  • Region / State: Fill in the state information.
  • ZIP / Postal Code:  Zip code of that area.
  • City: Name of city
  • Street Address (and line 2, if needed): Detail information about street address.

After filling in all of the necessary information, hit Save Config to apply your setting.

2.Shipping to Multiple Addresses

  • With this Shipping option in Magento 2, you can allow customers to ship and order to more than 1 address at checkout page. It’s very necessary  to help customers to set multiple shipping address.
  • To set multiple shipping address in Magento 2, you have to do following steps:
  • Go to Configuration menu by following this path: Store >> Setting >> Configuration
  • You will see a secondary panel in the left, choose Sale >> Multi-shipping setting


Magento 2 shipping setting
Magento 2 shipping setting

Expand the Options section. Then, do the following:

1 Set Allow Shipping to Multiple Addresses to “Yes.”
2 Enter the Maximum Qty Allowed for Shipping to Multiple Addresses.
3 When complete, hit Save Config button to apply your setting.


3.Shipping Policy

  • I have to say that this step is extremely important with every E-commerce website! Why? This step is the reason why 80% of customers abandon their cart without payment, it’s about your shipping policy. You need to help customers understand all of your shipping policies before they hit checkout button to see the final price. You can configure Shipping Policy Parameters by:
  • Go to Configuration menu by following this path: Store >> Configuration >> Sale >> Shipping setting
Magento 2 shipping setting
Magento 2 shipping setting
  • You will see a Shipping Policy Parameters box like above, you can enable Custom Shipping policy by turning it to Yes. After that, fill in your Shipping policy.  When you finish everything, hit Save config button to apply your configuration.
  • Further more, creating a perfect shipping label also plays an important rule in making the entire shipping process easier and less painful, you can refer here about creating magento shipping label


Above is a simple tutorial about Magento 2 shipping setting. Now is your turn, let’s configure your store!

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