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Hello everyone,

In this post I will talk with you about Magento 2 print invoice which is very important part in order management.

Magento 2 print single invoice

To create a single invoice in Magento 2, you need to following these steps. The first thing is going to admin back-end to see what happen there, if not, hit the Print button. After you click on it you now will have 2 choice:

  1. Print your invoice: The printer will automatically print the invoice for you, but in just default template so it looks not professional very much.
  2. Make a pdf version of your invoice: You will have a soft version of the invoice, that mean you can send it through email for customers.

Magento 2 print multiple invoices

In some cases, we need to make more than 1 Magento 2 invoice, my suggestion here is that: Going to admin sidebar and the go to Invoice menu, which is under Sale menu.

Now in front of you are the entire store’s invoice, what you have to do now is just define what invoice that you want to print and if yes, mark the checkbox next to it.

You choose the action from Action box is PDF invoice, and your internet browser will automatically download the invoice in pdf format. Done, you have just print multiple invoices in Magento 2.

Done, is there any question? Comment here!

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