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Welcome to this category which is talk about Magento 2 order management . You know that order is the main thing that nurture an online business, all of us come to E-commerce want to sell something online and sale is the final purpose of any business. If you don’t have a mature skill of managing orders, you can’t serve customers well, so this is the result why I write this post to introduce with you guys the overview of Magento order management fulfillment feature, how it work and what we will do in this menu. Let’s start!

Magento 2 Order

All of case study as well as example in this post will be take in Sale >> Order , this is where we learn about manage orders in Magento 2.  You can see the screenshot from Magestore Magento 2 demo:

magento 2.3 sales order

In order admin menu, you can see all of your store’s order and each order attributes. In each row, you will have a different order, and each column you will have specific data about one order like : Purchase Date, Purchase point, Ship to name, Grand total, Status, Customers group, Action …

In the table you can have see the current status of orders, add new order too. You can see at the Magestore Magento 2 demo screenshot bellow:

Magento 2 order manament

Above the order table, you can see there are some default admin tool for you like in Magento 2 order:


In this search box, you can have a quick search for any information that you want to find such as customers name, SKU, name of product, Shipping address. You can use filter to have a more correct result.


You can choose by tick on the box on the left of each order to do a specific action like edit, remove, change hold or unhold status or print  out.


If want to see a customize view for a specific purpose, you can use Filter function to have the best experience with your order management:

Magento 2 order management

You can choose the ID, Status, Bill-to-name, Ship-too-name or Grand total ….

Choose which columns to show

Magento 2 order management

As you can see, there are many column in Magento 2 that you can have the right to choose which columns will be shown on order table.

Choose how many column that you want to see in one page

You can choose to show how many columns per page with this function, and go to the next or previous page easily.

magento 2 show column numbers

To move a column in Magento 2, you can simply click to to the header of that column and hold. Drag it to the position that you want and release.

Sometime, we want to filter a specific table of orders and want to check it many times after, you can easily create a shortcut or a new view to easily comeback without using filter again.

To save a grid view  you can follow this step:

  • Tap the View control. Then, tap Save Current View.
  • Enter a name for the view. Then, click the arrow to save all changes.
  • The name of the view now appears as the current view.

To change the view:

  • Tap the View control. Then, do one of the following:
  • To use a different view, tap the name of the view.
  • To change the name of a view, tap the Edit icon. Then, update the name.

Done! Above is the short introduction of Magento 2 order, now you are understand all of basic thing in Magento 2, you can move to the next lesson to learn about each task in detail. Or if you truly want to manage your order, try our product Magento Order Management System now.

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