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Magento with no doubt becomes the most popular E-commerce platform nowadays in the world, according till now there are more than 20 million websites run on Magento on above 120 countries. And this occurs a problem, Magento  is managed and developed in English and it needs to be optimized for each specific country. That is the reason why we need to locale Magento 2, in this post, I will show you the simple guide about Magento 2 localization:

Magento 2 localization

With this option from Magento 2 admin, we can setting the localization with: Timezone, Locale, Weight Unit, First day of week, Weekend days.

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For more comprehensive information, check out the guide “The comprehensive guide to translation for Magento”.

To set the Magento 2 store locale you have to follow these steps

You go to Store in Magento 2 admin sidebar, click on it and you will see a flyout box which has Configuration under the Setting menu:

Magento 2 localization 2
Magento 2 localization

And then choose General to see the Information setting of a Magento store:

Magento 2 localization 3
Magento 2 localization 3

Scroll the mouse down to see the Locale option like the first image of this post.

Now you have right to locale your Magento 2 store with:

Timezone: You can choose your Magento 2 store timezone from the default list. If you dont know your timezone exactly, search for your location on Google Maps first.

Locale: Choose your store language

Weight Unit: It’s for shipment, we have pound, kg … many kind of weight unit for measurement in Magento 2, so choose the suitable Magento 2 weigh Unit for yourself.

First Day of the Week:  to the day that is considered to be the first day of the week in your area. This option will help you set your first day of the week in your Magento 2 store system.

Weekend Days:  select the days which fall on a weekend in your area (To select multiple options, hold down the Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac) key). It’s easy to set the weekend days for Magento 2 right?
When all of your configuration for Magento 2 localization finish, click Save config to make your change applied.


Magento 2 localization is very necessary for every Magento store who in different language with English and have a special tradition. I hope that with this small post, you guys can easily locale your Magento 2 webstore to make it fit with your country.

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