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Welcome to Magestore Magento 2 tutorial. In the previous post, I have already talked about orders in Magento 2, and in this post, I will talk about Magento 2 invoice, a must have thing that needed after the order is submitted. You will learn to create Magento 2 invoice for an order, change/edit Magento 2 invoice logo and print the invoice by single or mass. Let’s go!

Here are some resources: Magento plugins / Magento 2 plugins

Here are 3 important parts you will run through to interact with invoice in backend

  1. Magento 2 create invoice.
  2. Magento 2 invoice logo.
  3. Magento 2 print invoice.

1. Magento 2 create invoice

In some case, you want to create invoice in Magento 2 for some specific orders,  creating an invoice for an order converts the temporary sales order into a permanent record of the order that cannot be canceled. Normally, orders are invoiced and shipped after payment is received. However, if the method of payment is a purchase order, the order can be invoiced and shipped before payment is received. You can generate an invoice with a packing slip, and also print shipping labels from your carrier account. A single order can be divided into partial shipments which are invoiced separately, if necessary.

To create a Magento 2 invoice, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1. The first step that you have to do before create Magento 2 invoice is : You need to click to Sale on Admin sidebar on the left of your computer screen and there will be a flybox show you a smaller menu. In this smaller menu, you click to Order to access to admin order management in Magento 2.

magento 2.3 sales order dashboard

Step 2. When you see the Order management table, you have to:

Find which order that you want to create invoice, and on the Action column ( not action box) you click to View link to see the detail information about that order.

In the upper-right corner of your screen, click to  Invoice. You will see a new invoice page , which  looks similar to a completed order page, with additional fields that can be edited. The Invoice button does not appear for orders placed with the “Authorize and Capture” payment action. Now turn to step 3 of how to create Magento 2 invoice.

Step 3. In this step, if you find that the products now  are ready to be shipped, you can create a packing slip for this product. But how do I create a packing slip in Magento 2? You can create a packing slip in Magento 2

If the items are ready to ship, you can generate a packing slip for the shipment at the same
time you create the invoice. To create a packing slip, do the following:

  • In the Shipping Information section, mark the Create Shipment checkbox. A shipment record will be created at the same time the invoice is generated.
  • Create Shipment

Done! You have already create an packing slip in Magento 2 sucessfully and the final result is that you can create a Magento 2 invoice in admin back-end without touching code.

After creating an invoice in Magento 2, you need to print it out to give to customers, however, the default template of Magento 2 invoice is not beautiful and it contains the default logo from Magento. You need to remove it and change Magento 2 invoice logo by .your business logo. In this part, I will show you how to create Magento 2 invoice logo!your business logo. In this part, I will show you how to create Magento 2 invoice logo!

Magento 2 invoice logo is different with the common logo used in HTML, the logo for PDF invoices and other sales documents can be a high-resolution, 300 dpi image. However, the image must be rendered to fit a space that is 200 pixels wide by 50 pixels high. The default Magento 2 invoice size is 200 pixels x 50 pixels. If you want to resize Magento 2 logo, you need to keep the ratio between heigh and width to make sure that it can be responsive. Here is a simple way to do this:

Creating a new, blank image with the correct dimensions. Then, paste your invoice logo image and resize it to fit the height. With most image editing programs, you can either scale it by a percentage to preserve the aspect ratio, or hold down the shift key and manually resize the image.

Add logo in Magento 2 invoices and packing slips

You can change logo in Magento 2 invoices and packing slips by go to Configuration menu ( Store >> Configuration) the on the left panel, choose Sale.

Next,  you have to expand the Invoice and Packing Slip Design section to see all of configuration choices and then:

  • To upload the Logo for PDF Print-outs, click Choose File. A windows browser open and you can find your logo and click open to upload it.
  • To upload the Logo for HTML Print View, click Choose File. Find the logo that you have prepared, and click Open.

To change the default address on the invoices and packing slips you can fill in  your address as you want it to appear on invoices and packing slips.

After you finish everything, you have to hit Save Config button to apply your configuration.

For reference, a thumbnail of the uploaded image appears before each field. Don’t worry if the thumbnail appears distorted. The proportion of the logo will be correct on the invoice.

To change Magento 2 invoice logo, you can click to Choose File again to upload a new image. And then find the image that you want to delete and then tick on the box to choose.  After finish, click to Save config to apply your configuration. You have just change Magento 2 invoice logo successfully.

3. Magento 2 print invoice

Magento 2 print single invoice

Finally, after create and config the invoice now is the time for you to print Magento 2 invoices. On your admin back-end, you have to find Print button to make a command for printer to print out your invoices. Or you just want to have a online version of the invoice, you can choose to Save the invoice.

Magento 2 print multiple invoices

To print multiple Magento 2 invoice, you have to go to admin sidebar, click to Sale to see a flybox, in this flybox, you choose Invoices.

In this table you can see all of current invoices, and your mission here is choosing what invoice that you want to print by marking the checkbox. You choose the action from Action box is PDF invoice, and your internet browser will automatically download the invoice in pdf format. Done, you have just print multiple invoices in Magento 2.


Thank you for reading all of my post, I hope that after reading this post you can know how to create invoices in Magento 2, Add/Change the Magento 2 invoice logo and print out these invoices.

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