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Before launching your store, besides complete your preparation with front-end designing and management system, don’t forget to check/ review the email templates that are used for communications sent from your store to make sure they reflect your brand. This is very important because email is the easiest and cheapest way  to engage the customer with your e-commerce brand. So, after introduce about how to use marketing tools and create promotion campaign, we will give you the introduction of email templates in Magento 2 and how to configure them.

First, we will learn about what Email Templates in Magento 2 are and how they work.

Email templates define the layout, content, and formatting of automated messages sent from your store. They can be called transactional emails (An automated email message that is sent in response to a specific event or transaction) because each one is associated with a specific type of transaction or event.
So what is the difference of email templates in Magento 2? Not like some e-commerce platforms, Magento 2 provides a set of responsive email templates that are triggered by a variety of events that take place during the operation of your store. Each template is optimized for any screen size, and can be viewed from the desktop, as well as on tablets and smartphones. You will find a variety of prepared email templates related to customer activities, sales, product alerts, admin actions, and system messages that you can customize to reflect your brand.

Email templates in Magento 2

Example: Email template in Magento 2

Besides, Magento 2 supports almost email clients and services in the world with their nearest updated version. Although there is some variation in the way email messages are rendered, Magento team have found the following services to be compatible with Magento 2. There are some examples about email clients Magento can work with:

Email templates in Magento 2

Moreover, Magento 2 provides so many kinds of email templates for every customer engagement:

            1. Customer Account

  • New Account
  • New Account Confirmation Key
  • New Account Confirmed
  • New Account Without Password
  • Forgot Password
  • Remind Password
  • Reset Password
        2. Customer Activity
  • Contact Form
  • Send Product Link to Friend
  • Wishlist Sharing
        3. Newsletters
  • Subscription Confirmation
  • Subscription Success
  • Unsubscription Success
        4. Promotions
  • Promotion Notification / Reminder
        5. Admin Activity
  • Forgot Admin Password
  • Reset Password
        6. Email Templates
  • Email – Footer
  • Email – Header
  • Export Failed
  • Import Failed
        7. Product Alerts
  • Product Alerts Cron Error
  • Product Price Alert
  • Product Stock Alert
        8. Order
  • New Order / New Order for Guest
  • Order Update / Order Update for Guest
  • Payment Failed
        9. Invoice
  • New Invoice / New Invoice for Guest
  • Invoice Update / Invoice Update for Guest
        10. Shipment
  • New Shipment / New Shipment for Guest
  • Shipment Update / Shipment Update for Guest
        11. Credit Memo
  • Credit Memo Update
  • Credit Memo Update for Guest
  • New Credit Memo
  • New Credit Memo for Guest
        12. System Notifications
  • Sitemap Generate Warnings
  • Currency Update Warnings

That is all the introduction about email templates in Magento 2. With the information here, Magento 2 email templates will be in your control. Use this Magento 2 configuration in the right way, it can make a really good effect to your customers.

Hope my post can be helpful. Thanks for reading!

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