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Here are the steps that you will follow in this  Magento 2: How to configure Catalog Search?

  1. What is Catalog Search?

  2. How to configure Catalog Search?

  3. In the last past, we will get to know what is Flat Catalog and How to use it?

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Maybe you don’t know, research shows that people who use search are more likely to make a purchase than those who rely on navigation alone. In fact, according to some studies, people who use search are nearly twice as likely to make a purchase. So that, besides navigating customers directly on the store site by Catalog Navigation, Magento 2 can help you convert more customers by Catalog Search.

What is Catalog Search?

configure Catalog Search in Magento 2

Catalog Search in Magento 2 default site

  • Catalog Search is the Search box in the header of the store helps visitors find products in your catalog.  The search text can be the full or partial product name, or any other word or phrase that describes the product. Catalog Search in Magento 2 includes Quick Search and Advanced Search.
  • To do the Quick Search, customers enter the first few letters of what you want to find in the search box. Then, any matches in the catalog appear below, with the number of results found and they only need to press the Enter key or tap a result in the list of matching products.

configure Catalog Search in Magento 2

Magento 2 Quick Search

  • Besides, the customers can use the advanced search to search the catalog based on values entered into a form. Because the form contains multiple fields, a single search can include several parameters. The result is a list of all products in the catalog that match the criteria. A link to Advanced Search is in the footer of your store.

configure Catalog Search in Magento 2

  • To use it, you only need to click this link and fill values in as many fields as necessary. Then tap Search to display the results.

configure Catalog Search in Magento 2

  • The Search Results list includes all products that match the search criteria entered in the Quick Search box or the Advanced Search form. Every product list in the catalog has essentially the same controls. The only difference is that one is the result of a search query, and the other is the result of navigation.

configure Catalog Search in Magento 2

Search Result

How to configure Catalog Search?

  • By using the Catalog Search configuration, you can control the behavior of the search operations and determine the size of valid query text, and the display of search recommendations. To configure, we follow to this process:
  • Firstly, from the admin sidebar, navigate to Store>Configuration>Catalog and choose Catalog. After that, expand the Catalog Search section and do the following:
    • Set Minimal Query Length to the minimum number of characters that can be submitted in a query.
    • Set Maximum Query Length to the maximum number of characters that can be submitted in a query.
    • Set Search Engine as default.
    • In the Apply Layered Navigation if Search Results are Less Than field, enter the number of records that can be used with layered navigation.

configure Catalog Search in Magento 2

  • Finally, tap Save Config.

Moreover, you can use Search Sugguestion to optimizing Searching process. Your store’s search engine can configure to identify misspelled words and offer suggestions. When a customer makes a spelling mistake, the message, “Did you mean:” appears with a link
to a suggested product. The number of suggestions offered is specified in the configuration. To configure it, we expand the Catalog Search section, then do the following:

  • Set Enable Search Suggestions to “Yes.”
  • In the Search Suggestions Count field, enter the number of suggestions to offer the customer. The default value is 2.
  • Set Show Results Count for Each Suggestion to Yes.

In the last past, we will get to know what is Flat Catalog and How to use it?

A flat catalog creates new tables on the fly, where each row contains all the necessary data about a product or category. Besides, It is updated automatically—either every minute. Flat catalog indexing can also speed up the processing of catalog and cart price rules. Example: A catalog with as many as 500,000 SKUs can be indexed quickly as a flat catalog. To enable Flat Catalog in Magento 2, we follow to the 3 steps process:

1 Stores> Configuration>Catalog>Catalog. > Storefont Sections
2 Set up like the guideline>  Save Config
3 Click the Cache Management link, refresh the cache

Step 1:  On the Admin sidebar, tap Stores, then navigate to Configuration>Catalog>Catalog. After that expand Storefont Sections.

Step 2: Set up like the guideline below:

  • Set Use Flat Catalog Category to “Yes.”
  • Set Use Flat Catalog Product to “Yes.”
  • Tap Save Config

configure Catalog Search in Magento 2

Step 3:  When prompted to update the cache, click the Cache Management link in the system message, and follow the instructions to refresh the cache.

That’s all about how you can configure Catalog Search in Magento 2. Use this Magento 2 configuration in the right way, it can make a really good effect on your customers. So, take a little time on it, you will not regret.

Help my post can be helpful. Thanks for reading!

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