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Watch this video or read the tutorial below to have an overview of Magento 2 Customers in Admin Panel.


The main dashboard of Customers tab in Magento 2 backend consists of:


magento 2.3 customers

1, Search bar: Find your customers efficiency and easily, narrow the list.

2, Action box: Delete, subscribe/unsubscribe customer from newsletter, assign a customer group or edit customer.

3, Filter: Narrow the list of customer by variety of filter options.

4, Number per page: Change to show a number of customers at one page.

5, Columns: Edit the visible columns shown in table of customers.

6, Export: Export all customers database in CSV or Excel XML.

7, Add New Customer: Simply add a new customer.

8, Table of Customers: Find and Edit the data of customers.

How to add a new customer

In backend, the Administrator can add a new customer manually or import from a customer list. In frontend, Customer can sign up to be a new customer of your website.

Add manually

Click Add New Customer button. In Account Information, there are 4 compulsory fields. The rests are optional to fill or not. Then you need to Save Customer.


In Addresses, the steps are the same.


Import from lists

If you have a list, go to System -> Data Transfer -> Import, then you can import your file via Customers And Addresses, Customers Main File or Customers Addresses. You should download sample file and edit the information.


Register by customers

Your customer can also register in frontend and their information will be saved in the backend.


Customer Configuration

Finally, you need to know about Customer Configuration in Stores Tab. There are 5 configuration for customers, including of: Newsletter, General Customer Configuration, Wish List, Promotion and Persistent Shopping Cart. Navigate to Stores -> Configuration.


Newsletter is where you set up your newsletter configuration,


Customer Configuration is composed of many fields. You can look at the image below to know the required value for each field.



Wish List can also be fixed like that:


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