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In Magento 2, you can create new pages, blocks and widgets in Content Management System (CMS). With these 3 elements, you can combine them to make static pages for products and services information.

To find out what Magento 2 CMS is, watch this video or read the tutorial below:

Add New Page

The interface of Pages, Blocks and Widgets in Content are the same with the interface in Products or Customers. Click on Add New Page button.


In Page Information, name your own Page and set a Custom URL for this page. You can also choose the store views and set this page enabled or disabled.


magento 2.3 page

In Content tab, add the heading and any widget for this page. You will create content for your page here.


magento 2.3 page

In Design tab, choose layout for your page.


magento 2.3 page

You can also make custom design for your page here:


magento 2.3 page custom design

Then, add some meta data for your page, like meta description or meta keywords.


magento 2.3 page SEO

Finally, you can Save Page as your new page is done.

magento 2.3 page save


Add New Block

Block is used for many purposes, such as featuring different product categories on homepage, or separating product features on product pages. Navigate to Content -> Blocks. There you can Add New Block.


Add all elements for your Block here, but remember the most important field is the Identifier because you need this to add your block into a page.


Finally, you can Save Block the same way you did with your Page.


Add New Widget

You need to click on Add New Widget button in order to make new widget.


Then select the type of the widget and the design theme. After that, hit the Continue button.


In Storefront Properties, input the Title and set the Store View for your widget. The Type and Theme are now locked. You can also update a layout for the widget as shown on the storefront.


Well done, you complete your store’s Content using Magento 2 CMS.

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