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This is actually the steps you will follow during this How to manage Search Term in Magento 2?:
  1. How to configure Search Term?
  2. How to add new search term in Magento 2?
  3. How to show Search Term Report?

Hi friends,

Have you ever been curious about what customers like most in your store? As usual, we always check sales report to know about it. But you can do more than that. Magento 2 also help you learn what your customers are looking for by examining the search terms they use to find products in your store. If enough people look for a product that you don’t carry, perhaps it’s time to add it to your catalog. Meanwhile, rather than have them leave them empty handed, why not redirect them to another product in your catalog? Here are the feel way helping you manage search term for your Magento Site well.

The Search Terms link in the footer of your store displays the search terms used by visitors to your store, ranked by popularity.  By default, Popular Search Terms is enabled as a search engine optimization tool, but has no direct connection to the catalog search process. Because the Search Terms page is indexed by search engines, any terms on the page can help improve your search engine ranking and the visibility of your store.

manage Search Term in Magento 2

Before learning how to manage search term in magento 2, we will get to know about what kinds of search term:

1 Landing Page
2 Synonyms
3 Misspelled Words

The landing page for a search term can be a content page, a category page, a product detail page, or even a page on a different site.
manage Search Term in Magento 2

  • Synonyms

One way to improve the effectiveness of catalog search is to include different terms that people may use to describe the same item. You don’t want to lose a sale just because someone is looking for a “sofa,” and your product is listed as a “couch.” You can capture a broader range of search terms by entering the words, “sofa” “davenport,” and “loveseat” as synonyms for “couch,” and direct them to the same landing page.
manage Search Term in Magento 2

  • Misspelled Words:

Use search terms to capture common misspellings and redirect them to the appropriate page. Example:  if you sell wrought iron patio furniture, you know that many people misspell the term as “rod iron,” or even “rot iron.” You can enter each misspelled word as a search term, and make them synonyms for “wrought iron.” Even though the word is misspelled, the search will be directed to the page for “wrought iron.”
manage Search Term in Magento 2

How to configure Search Term?

  • Firstly, on Admin Sidebar, navigate to Store>Configuration>Catalog. After that,  expand the Search Engine Optimizations section.
  • Then, set Popular Search Terms to “Enable.” and tap Save Config.

manage Search Term in Magento 2

How to add new search term in Magento 2?

  • If you learn new words that people use to search for products in your catalog, you can add them to your search terms list to direct people to the most closely matching products in your catalog by doing the follwing:
  • On the Admin sidebar, tap Marketing. Then under SEO & Search, choose Search Terms. Then tap Add New Search Term.
  • manage Search Term in Magento 2In the Search Query box, type the word or phrase that you want to add as a new search term.
  • If your store is available in multiple languages, choose the applicable Store view.
  • If the term is a synonym for another search term, enter the other term in the Synonym
  • To redirect the search results to another page in your store, or to another website, enter the full URL of the target page in the Redirect URL field.
  • If you want this term to be available for use as a suggestion whenever a search returns no results, set Display in Suggested Terms to “Yes.”
    manage Search Term in Magento 2

Besides, to edit a search term, do the following: 

  • In the Search Terms grid, click the row of any record to open the search term in edit mode.
  • Make the necessary changes.
  • When complete, tap Save Search.

To delete a search term:

  • In the list, mark the checkbox of the term to be deleted.
  • In the upper-left corner of the list, set Actions to Delete.”
  • When complete, tap Submit.

Finally, in the last, we in learn how to show Search Term Report?

The Search Terms report shows the number of results for each term, and the number of times (hits) the term was used. The report data can be filtered by term, store, results, and hits, and exported for further analysis. To view the search terms report, you navigate to Reports>Marketing>Search Term.

manage Search Term in Magento 2

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