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This is the steps that you’re going to adhere to on this  How to manage product images in Magento 2? (Add/remove):
  1. How to manage Product Images In Magento 2?
  2. How to configure detail information of the product images?

Product Image is the first impression and the closest thing for customers to picture the products in their mind. Therefore, it is really important to use the high-quality images to describe the product. If you have a large catalog with several pictures-per products, you can easily have hundreds, if not thousands of product images to manage. It sounds difficult. However, Manage product images now become easier in Magento 2.

This post will clear some stuff that may confuse you in the Product Image Configuration process in Magento 2.

You can read my post about Product Detail Section Configuration to find out some basic image management tasks such as upload multiple images, link to videos, rearrange their order, and determine how each is used. For additional control, you must open the image in “detail view”. In case you have a lot of images to manage, it can be more efficient to import them as a batch, rather than upload individual images.manage image in magento 2

Now let go detail. I will tell you how to manage all the images and how to view them in detail.

1. How to manage Product Images In Magento 2:

First, you Open the product in Edit mode. Then, you can do anything below:

  • Upload an Image: You can do in 2 ways
    • Drag an image from your desktop, and drop it in the “Camera” Icon tiles the Images and Videos Box.
    • Or still at the Images and Videos Box, tap the “Camera” Icon, and browse the image file from your computer. Then, select the image, and tap Open. It just like every time you upload an image on Social Network.
  • Assign the Base Image (Main Image):

An orange banner appears in the lower-right corner of the image is the signal of the base image. To assign a different image as the base, move the mouse over the image that you want to use, and tap the “Tag” Icon in the lower-right corner. You can see in the picture:

Assign the Base Image

  • Rearrange Images:

This is to change the order of images in the gallery, tap the “Sort” Icon at the bottom of the image. Then, drag the image to the different position in the Images Box.

Rearrange Images

  • Finally, To Delete an Image

For this, tap the “Delete” Icon in the lower-left corner of the image.

Delete an Image

Second, when you done all the configuration above, remember to tap Save Icon.

2. How to configure detail information of the product images?

configure detail information of the product images

To open this section, you can Tap the Image Management link below the image tiles. Or you can see in the panel  on the left under Basic setting, tap Image Management.

In Image Management, you can configure any of the following things:

  • Enter the Alt Text.
    • Alt Text helps the Search Engine can understand what your image is about, so never forget about it.
    • Some browsers display the Alt text on mouseover. Alt text can be several words long, and include carefully selected keywords.
    • In the Alt Text Box beside the Image, enter a brief description of the image.
  • Assign
    • By default, all three roles are assigned to first image, that is uploaded to the product. To reassign a role to another image, you open Image in Detail view, then simple check in the roles that you want to assign to that image.
    • The assigned role appears with a checkmark in selected mode, and the previous image is no longer assigned to the role.
  • Hide an Image
    • If you don’t want customers to see an Image, mark in the Hide from Product Page Box. Then, of course, tap Save.
    • This is all the thing you can do in Detail View of an Image. To exit the Detail view, click the “Close” Icon in the upper-right corner.
    • Finally, like all the time, tap Save.


  • That is all about the configuration. Now I will give you some helpful note when you configure this section.
  • At the first time using Magento 2, I have some confuses about the Image Roles. What are they and What are they mean? For anyone who have the same questions as I am, here are the description for each Role of Image:
Swatch Images A swatch image can illustrate a color, texture, finish, or pattern. Swatch images that are specific to the product can be uploaded to the image gallery.
Base Image The base image is the main image on the product detail page. Image zoom is activated if you upload an image that is larger image than the image container. Example sizes:

470 x 470 pixels (without Zoom)

1100 x 1100 pixels (with Zoom)

Small Image The small image is used for the product images in listings on category and search results pages, and to display the product images needed for sections such as for Up-sells, Cross-sells, and the New Products List. Example size:

470 x 470 pixels

Thumbnail Thumbnail images appear in the thumbnail gallery, shopping cart, and in some blocks such as Related Items. Example size:

50 x 50 pixels

And this is your result:

product page

This is how you manage product images in Magento 2. Hope my post can be helpful, thanks for reading.

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