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It’s great when you can start your own Magento 2 website and get lots of orders after that. But what’s next? You need to communicate with your customers, and as usual, email is the most popular channels. Magento 2 provides  a default email template for the body section of each message that is sent by the system. But for each situation, they may be not suitable with your store so you should customize email templates for each website, store, or store view. Make sure to update the system configuration after creating a customized template, so the custom template is used instead of the default. So today, we will introduce to you how to customize Email Templates in Magento 2 for store owner.

In Magento 2, The email template for the body content is combined with the header and footer templates to create the complete message. The content is formatted with HTML and CSS, and can be easily edited, and customized by adding variables and frontend apps. Besides,  the default templates include your logo and store information too, and can be used without further customization. However as a best practice, you should view each template, and make any necessary changes before they are sent to customers.
customize email templates in Magento 2

Default “New Account” Email Templates

To customize Email templates, we will follow to 4 steps process with all default templates:

Step 1: Load the Default Template

  • From the Admin sidebar, navigate to Marketing>Communications>Email Templates.
  • Tap Add New Template. In the Template list, choose the message template that you want to customize then tap Load Template.

Step 2: Complete the Template Information

After navigating to Email Templates tab, you should fill all information as description below:

customize email templates in Magento 2

Step 3:  Customize the Template Content

  • In the Template Content box, modify the HTML as needed ( When working in the template code, be careful not to overwrite anything that is enclosed in double braces)
    customize email templates in Magento 2
  • To insert a variable, position the cursor in the code where you want the variable to appear, and tap Insert Variable. Then, choose the variable that you want to insert. When a variable is selected, a markup tag for the variable is inserted in the code.  In addition to the Store Contact variables, the list includes the Customer Account URL, Customer Email, and Customer Name. However, you are not limited to the variables in this list. You can enter the code for any system or custom variable directly into the template.customize email templates in Magento 2
  • If you need to make any CSS declarations, enter the styles in the Template Styles box.
  • When you are ready to review your work, tap Preview Template. Then, make adjustments to the template as needed.
  • When complete, tap Save Template.

Step 4: Update the Configuration

After customizing email templates, they are auto-saved to email templates list. To configure them, you only need to do the following as usual.  For this example, the template is located in the Designs/Email section. And you only need to find the email template field in the form, and choose the new template that you created.

customize email templates in Magento 2

That is all guideline to customize email templates in Magento 2. With these informations here, Magento 2 email templates will be in your control. Use this Magento 2 configuration in the right way, it can make a really good effect to your customers.

Hope my post can be helpful. Thanks for reading!

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