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Howdy Magento warriors,

Have you ever taken coupons to discount from any projects or any stores? The feeling is good, rights? and I belive that, a lot of people recieved coupons will comeback to your store. With update form Magento 2 – now creating the Coupon Codes for your campaign is very simple. So now, in this post, I will introduce to you how to create Magento 2 Coupon Codes for your campaign.

But first, we should understand clearly What is Coupon Codes?

Coupon codes are used with cart price rules to apply a discount when a set of conditions is met. For example, a coupon code can be created for a specific customer group, or for anyone who makes a purchase over a certain amount. To apply the coupon to a purchase, the customer
can enter the coupon code in the cart, or possibly at the cash register of your “brick and mortar” store. Here are a few ways that you can use coupon in your store:

  • Email coupons to customers
  • Produce printed coupons
  • Create in-store coupons for mobile users

Coupon Codes in Magento 2

Using Coupon Codes

Coupon codes can be sent by email, or included in newsletters, catalogs, and advertisements. The list of coupon codes can be exported and sent to a commercial printer. You can also create in-store coupons with a quick response code that shoppers can scan with their smart phones. The QR code can link to a page on your site with more information about the promotion.

Really impress, rights? So now, We will show you how to create Magento 2 Coupon Codes with two kinds:

    1. Create a Specific Coupon
      a. Create a Cart Price Rules ( in the last post)
      b. Navigate to Marketing>Promotion>Cart Price Rules>  General Information from admin sidebar.
      In this page,  set Coupon to “Specific Coupon.” After that, you follow to this process:

      • Enter a numeric Coupon Code to be used with the promotion.
      • To limit the number of times the coupon can be used, fill these blank: Uses per Coupon&Uses per Customer (For unlimited use, leave these fields blank).
      • To make the coupon valid for a limited period of time, complete the From and To dates. To select the date, tap the Calendar button next to each field. (If you leave the date range empty, the rule will never expire).
        Coupon Codes in Magento 2

      c.  Complete the cart price rule.

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  1. Generate a Batch of Coupons
    a. Create a Cart Price Rules ( in the last post)
    b.  On the General Information page, mark the Use Auto Generation checkbox.
    Coupon Codes in Magento 2
    c.  In the panel on the left, choose Manage Coupon Codes. Then under Coupons Information, do
    the following:
    Coupon Codes in Magento 2
  • In the Coupons Qty field, enter the number of coupons that you want to generate.
  • Enter the Code Length, not including the prefix, suffix, or separators.
  • Set the Code Format to one of them: Alphanumeric, Alphabetical & Numeric
  • (Optional) Enter a Code Prefix to be added to the beginning of the code.
  • (Optional) Enter a Code Suffix to be added to the end of the code.
  • (Optional) In the Dash Every X Characters field, enter the number of characters between each dash. For example, if the code is twelve characters long, and there is a dash every four characters, it will look like this: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. Dashes make codes easier to read and enter.
    d. After completing the code format, tap Generate. The list of generated codes appears below.

Moreover, Magento 2 also provides Coupons Report Tools for us to analyst your campaign.  The Coupons Report can be filtered for a specific store view, time period, order status, and price rule. So how we can run the Coupons Report?

Step 1. From the Admin sidebar, navigate to Report>Sales>Coupons

Step 2.  Set Store View in the upper-left corner to establish the scope of the report.

Coupon Codes in Magento 2

Step 3. To filter data, you fill up all the blank here:

  • Set Date Used to choose the kind of order filted.
  • Set Period to define  the period of time covered by the report
  • Enter the From and To dates in M/D/YY format to define the date range of the report.
  • To print a report for a specific order status, set Order Status to “Specified,” Then, choose the order status from the list.
  • Set omit rows without data from the report, set Empty Rows to “No.”
  • To include all coupon activity from all price rules, set Cart Price Rule to “Any.” To include only activity that is related to a specific price rule, set Cart Price Rule to “Specified,” Then, select the specific cart price rule in the list.
    Coupon Codes in Magento 2

Step 4.  When ready to run the report, tap Show Report. The report appears at the bottom of the page.

Above is the short tuts about how to create Coupon Codes in Magento 2, I hope that you guys can make dicount campaigns with Coupon easier and boost your sales. If you have any concerns, just feel free to comment below, we  will reply soon.

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