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Howdy Magento 2 warriors,

In the last article, we have known the basic information about Magento 2 Email Templates and how to configure email templates by setting company logo, header and footer. But we still have many things to do. A number of email messages are triggered by the events related to an order, and you must identify the store contact that appears as the sender of the message, the email template to be used, and anyone else who is to receive a copy of the message, especially with email templates for Sales process. So today, we  will learn how to configure all kinds of Sales email templates.

All screenshots are using Magento 2.3.

Firstly, before configure Sales email templates, you should  make sure that you have updated each email template to reflect your brand. After finish updating, we will configure email templates in backend by these following steps:

How to Configure Sales email templates?

Step 1: From the Admin sidebar, navigate to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Sales Email. After that, Sales email catalog will display all kinds of Sales email templates such as Order, Invoice, Shipment, Credit Memo. So now, we will learn how to configure Order email and do the same process with other kinds.

magento 2.3 store sales

Step 2: Expand the Order section. Then, do the following:

  • Set Enabled to “Yes.”
  • Set New Order Confirmation Email to the store contact that appears as the sender of the message.
  • Set New Order Confirmation Template to the template that is used for the email that is sent to registered customers.
    email templates for Sales in Magento 2
  • Set New Order Confirmation Template for Guest to the template that is used for the email that is sent to guests who do not have an account with your store.
  • In the Send Order Email Copy To field, enter the email address of anyone who is to receive a copy of the new order email. If sending a copy to multiple recipients, separate each address with a comma. This is important for store owners to manage their sales.
  • Set Send Order Email Copy Method:
    email templates for Sales in Magento 2
    – Bcc Sends a “blind courtesy copy” by including the recipient in the header of the same email that is sent to the customer. The BCC recipient is not visible to the customer.
    – Separate Email Sends the copy as a separate email.
  • Expand the Order Comments section, and repeat these steps.
    Step 3: Expand the other kinds Email section, and repeat these steps. Complete the configuration for the remaining sales emails:
  • Invoice
  • Shipment
  • Credit Memo
    Step 4: When complete, tap Save Config.

That is all guideline to configure email templates for Sales process in Magento 2. With the information here, Magento 2 Sales email templates will be in your control. Use this Magento 2 configuration in the right way, it can make a really good effect to your customers.

Hope my post can be helpful. Thanks for reading!

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