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Hi Magento 2 warriors,

In the last post, we have talked about How to disable some features which not be irrelevant with your products page; but today, we will bring you How to add one of these most usefull features for your Magento 2 site – Magento 2 Product Reviews and Rating.

Product reviews and Rating help to build a sense of community, and are considered more credible than any advertising money can buy. In fact, some search engines give sites with product reviews a higher ranking than those without. Product reviews are a nice way for customers who are satisfied with your store’s products and service to show their satisfaction. Ratings on the other hand consist of criteria that can be modified to better represent your store’s features. Both of them help people find your store, keep them engaged, and often lead to sales.


Magento 2 Product Reviews and Rating

Magento 2 Product Reviews and Rating

The configuration determines whether customers must open an account with your store before writing product reviews, or if they can submit reviews as guests. Requiring reviewers to open an account prevents anonymous submissions, and improves the quality of reviews.

Besides, you will also be able to feature these reviews on your website, for your other visitors to see. So today, I will bring to you how to add Reviews and Rating to Product pages and manage them.

How to add Rating block to your site:

Firstly, login to your store’s admin dashboard and navigate to Stores>Rating


magento 2.3 stores rating

Then click on the Add New Rating button, after that fill all these blocks here:

Magento 2 Product Reviews and Rating

Default Value – Name of these features you want customer to rate

Default Store View – The page we want to add rating block.


When you are ready, click on the Save Rating button to add the new Value.

How to add Product Review block to your site:

Firstly, login to your store’s admin dashboard and navigate to Stores>Configuration>Catalog

Then expand the Product Reviews section.

Magento 2 Product Reviews and Rating

Product Reviews section

Set Allow Guests to Write Reviews according to your preference. When complete, tap Save Config.

Customers can write reviews for any product in your catalog. Reviews can be written from the product page by clicking the “Add Your Review” link. For products that haven’t been reviewed, the link says, “Be the first to review this product.” The Reviews tab lists all current reviews, and the form that is used to submit a review.

And here is How we can manage customer reviews:

Firstly, to add a new Product Review, you will need to navigate to the Marketing>Reviews section of your admin panel.

Magento 2 Product Reviews and Rating

Here you can manually add a new Review (if you have received such via some other communication method like email or on your store’s Facebook page) or select from the user submitted reviews and make them visible on your website. To do the second, select a review and click its edit button.

Magento 2 Product Reviews and Rating

You can edit all of those fields as you want then click the Save Review button to add the review. This will make it visible on the front-end in the Reviews tab below the product.

Magento 2 Product Reviews and Rating

Product Reviews and Rating are displayed

To sum up, Magento 2 becomes easier to add Product Reviews and Rating and it’s more powerful with us. I hope that this tutorial will help you understand clearly about Magento 2 Product Review and Rating to have a more flexible and useful admin panel. Besides, you can use them to engage loyalty customer by approving customers can receive reward points for submitting a review.

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