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Here are the steps to track the information for any order:

  1. Step 1: Go to Order menu by click on Sale menu, and below Operation choose Order.
  2. Step 2: Find the order in the grid, and in the Action column, click View.

In the previous post, we talk about the main tool and function in Magento 2 backend that help admin to manage order in the most effective way. You have already know about the basic part of order menu in Magento 2, now is the time that you understand how order in Magento 2 works.

At our Magento 2 store, when a customers place an order for any kind of product, Magento will automatically add a new transaction about this customer’s activity and the order status for this is “Pending”. Customers can cancel this order anytime they want if they haven’t pay yet. If they checkout and pay, the system will create an invoice and shipping information immediately.

In detail, every customers go to our website and purchase successfully will experience these steps in the workflow:

Customers place an order

Customers will be transform into this step when they hit Checkout button in their cart, this action can happen when a customers simply add a new order or re-order from their abandon cart.

System add a pending order

Meanwhile, in the reaction with customers, Magento 2 system will add a order into its database with status of order is Pending. Now admin or customers can cancel the order in back-end or account manager.

Payment confirmed

In this step, store owners will receive payment from customers and the order status is changed to processing.

System create invoice

Yep, after you receive payment from customers, Magento 2 will automatically add a new invoice for this transaction.  Some payment methods generate an invoice automatically when payment is authorized and captured. The payment method determines which invoicing options are needed for the order. After the invoice is generated and submitted, a copy is sent to the customer.

Create shipping information

Now the purchasing process is nearly finish, system will print  packing slip and shipping label, customers are announced that their products are on the way and products are shipped to customers in the method that customers choose like Drop Shipping, Common shipping …

Magento 2 Processing Orders

As I said above, when a customer place an order, Magento 2 system will automatically add a new transaction for this activity. The current status of this order is “Pending” and we can cancel this order anytime till the payment is completed.

To track the information for any order, you can follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: You go to Order menu by click on Sale menu, and below Operation choose Order.
  2. Step 2: Find the order in the grid, and in the Action column, click View.

A pending order can be modified, put on hold, canceled, or invoiced and shipped.

A completed order can be reordered.

Allow Reorders

When enabled, reorders can be made directly from the customer account or from the original order in the Admin.

Reorders are enabled by default.

To configure customer reorders

1, On the Admin sidebar, tap Stores. Then under Settings, choose Configuration.

2, In the panel on the left, under Sales, choose Sales.

3, Expand the Reorder section. Reorder

5, Set Allow Reorder to your preference.

Finish! Above is the short introduction about Magento 2 order processing, if you don’t understand anything, comment here

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Manage Magento 2 Order Status - Magento 2.3

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