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In this topic we will show you How to Configure FedEx Carrier in Magento 2 through 2 steps:

  1. Create a FedEx merchant account
  2. Apply FedEx
  3. Setup the Packaging Description
  4. Setup Handling Fees
  5. Assign Allowed Methods and Applicable Countries

While the FedEx Carrier comes with many ways to ship your products to customers regardless of distance like air, freight, and ground services, FedEx Carrier is one of the most reputable shipping service companies .

Therefore what credentials you need to connect your Magento 2 store to the FedEx serve. In addition, we will also guide you in detail about other methods in the topics including UPS, USPS, and DHL. 

Step 1: Create a FedEx merchant account

It is required to create a FedEx merchant account and register for FedEx Web Services Production Access. You may click on the Obtain Production Key link at the bottom of the page to complete the registration and get the key that is important to configure FedEx in your Magento settings on the production account information page.

Step 2: Apply FedEx

  • On the Admin Panel,You can go to Stores , then click Settings , and click Configurations.
  • On the left panel, You can select Shipping Methods under Sales.
  • You can open the FedEx section,
    • By choosing Yes in the Enabled for Checkout field, you can accept to enable FedEx method .
    • You may enter the Title for the name of the shipping method that is shown during the checkout process.
    • You may complete the following information belong to FedEx account: Account ID, Meter Number, Key, and Password.
    • You can choose one of the following options in the Sandbox Mode field :
      • Choose “Yes” – Runs FedEx Sandbox in a test environment.
      • Choose “No” – Runs USPS in a live production environment.

Step 3: Setup the Packaging Description

  • You may select the option you need in the Package Request Type field to manage orders that are delivered as multiple packages as the following:
    • “Divide to Equal Weight” – if the packages are divided by equal weight, the shipment of multiple packages can be submitted as one request.
    • “Use Origin Weight” – if using origin weight as the basis of calculating the shipping cost ,multiple packages must be submitted as separate requests .
  • You may set the packaging to the typical packaging type for the shipment as the following:
    • FedEx Envelope
    • FedEx Pak
    • FedEx Box
    • FedEx Tube
    • FedEx 10kg Box
    • FedEx 25kg Box
    • Your Packaging
  • You may set the Dropoff to one of the following options that are the pick-up method for the delivery.
    • Regular Pickup
    • Request Courier
    • Drop Box
    • Business Service Center
    • Station
  • You may assign the Weight Unit to the unit of measurement as you need: “Pounds” or “Kilograms”.
  • You may offer the Maximum Package Weight for FedEx shipment. The default is 150 lbs.

Step 4: Setup Handling Fees

  • You may set Calculate Handling Fee to “Fixed” or “Percent”.
  • You may allow specifying how to calculate the handling fee in the Handling Applied field.
  • You may insert the amount of Handling Fee.
  • You may choose “Yes” for B2C residential deliveries and “No” for B2B residential deliveries in the Residential Delivery field.

Step 5: Assign Allowed Methods and Applicable Countries

  • You may choose USPS method offered to your customers from the Allowed Method list.

The “Hub ID” is required for the “Smart Post” method.

  • You may select the USPS service you want to apply free shipping for in the Free Method field.
  • You may select “Yes” to set the minimum number of the quantities for free USPS shipping in the next field in the Free Shipping Amount Threshold field.
  • If UPS Shipping is not available, you may enter a error message in the Displayed Error Message box that will appear.
  • You may set Ship to Applicable Countries to one of two options:
    • All Allowed Countries : USPS Shipping is supported for every country.
    • Specific Countries: USPS Shipping is only supported for selected countries.
  • If Not Applicable to Yes if you want to show UPS Shipping all time , you may set Show Method .
  • You may set Debug to “Yes” to create a log file with the details of USPS shipments,.
  • You may set the Sort Order on the Shipping Method on the checkout page.
  • To finish, you may save Config .

The steps I mention above is the shortest process for you to  Configure FedEx Carrier in Magento 2. With this guide, you can manage the  Configure FedEx Carrier in Magento 2 easily. Every store has a  Configure FedEx Carrier in Magento 2 with many attributes.

Thank you for reading this post and see you in other posts from Magestore!

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