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Building a eCommerce site using Magento is exciting, but the beginners need to pay attention to some things before getting started to avoid these common mistakes in your Magento store development. By knowing what you should and shouldn’t do, you can save a lot of time during the website building process and also save yourself from a lot of aggravation. Let’s take a quick look at the four most common Magento mistakes beginners should avoid.

1. Selecting Web Hosting Provider

It’s crucial to choose a reliable web hosting provider to ensure that your website remains safe and accessible all year round. You can put entire website at stake with the cheapest hosting services, but you can’t ensure that your website will work well and perform smoothly. Making a wrong choice of web hosting can have a negative impact on your revenue, SEO ranking or security and malware attacks.

Especially, don’t host your Magento site on shared servers. Although, a shared hosting is cheap, it will directly affect your website loading speed and makes the website vulnerable to hackers’ attack. When you have intention to building a eCommerce web store, one of your most important priorities is to create a better ecommerce user experience to maximize profits. So you should use a dedicated server for your site because dedicated servers will provide better security features, enough bandwidth and optimize your site loading speed on all devices.

2. Installing Magento by FTP

This is considered as one of the most common mistakes committed by Magento users, especially the beginners. There is no need to download the full version of Magento and install it via FTP. Magento offers a separate downloader functionality. It ensures that you can get the stable Magento version. Thus, using the downloader is surely going to help to make your ecommerce website up and running.

3. Don’t Make Plan to Backing up Magento database Regularly

To backup Magento database is an essential part any website owner need to know, because your database can be lost any time due to numerous possible reasons such as IT infrastructure failures; system breach; staff mistakes; hackers and more….Just imagine someday, your website with the database of customers, orders, and catalog is gone. Or you’ve lost the information on the new orders because of a suddenly damaged server. It’s extremely horrible. So, that’s reason why you need to start making backup copies or recovering one of them right now. Don’t delay until you need a backup to create one. Backup Magento database should become a part of your regular maintenance task.

4. Poor Choice of Magento Extensions

Magento extensions will be the great solutions to empower your store. However, when you are planning to use Magento extensions for your web store, you may face some of these issues, for example Compatibility with the Magento versions, Installation, Latest versions of Magento 2 extensions, or Functionalities. Therefore, when building your Magento web store, you need to research to choose the best match Magento extensions for your eCommerce site, whose functionalities meet your business demands fully and guarantee profit and positive reviews.

Don’t jump to choose, take your time to research features of different extensions and try them rigorously for various errors. If you encounter problems when testing extensions, you could report it to the provider for necessary supporting.

In conclusion

Building Magento-based eCommerce website will help enrich your wallets with a steady flow of money. You only need to notice some common Magento mistakes in order to avoid to making negative influences on your revenue and maximize profits as much as possible.

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