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The default checkout page of Magento is a place where your customer have to go through 6 steps with a lot of options that must be filled in to place the order, which makes your customer abandon your Magento website in order to find someone with a more compact checkout procedure. So, what are you doing now to prevent your customer leaving your site at the checkout process?

Reduce the required steps in the default checkout process from 6 steps into 2 steps like Magento 2 checkout? That can be a good idea, but it is still far from being perfect. Chances are, another merchant already uses the One Step Checkout, so he or she has a strong competitive advantage over your ecommerce store. That we have mentioned is Magestore One Step Checkout for Magento 2 – the solution to boost 40% faster than the default Magento checkout

So, what are the core benefits of Magento 2 One Step Checkout by Magestore in comparison with the default solution? Let’s keep on reading!

Once Checkout – Once Success!

The One Step Checkout 2 offers a single page with all the necessary options, which not only helps you stop leaking money on checkout page, but also make your sales 2x sales without dropping any items off in cart. With the best UI/UX layouts and some cutting edge techniques the extension will save more 40 % time on checking out and making payments.

Simultaneously, the extension also offers a wide range of more than 40 popular payment methods for your website without fear of conflicts with other third-party extensions. Therefore, you can make the improved checkout even better by combining Magestore One Step Checkout 2 with other extensions.

Magestore one step checkout 2

The less time customers spend on checkout, the fewer carts they abandon!

With some cutting edge techniques, the One Step Checkout 2 extension will help significant decreases store abandonment during the final procedure of a purchase.

Dynamic loading by knockout.js

Magento 2 One Step Checkout use knockout.js to load only dynamic data instead of loading all HTML blocks. All the information related to the changes of shipping or payment methods is automatically updated.

Auto-detect & Auto-fill

Magestore One Step Checkout 2 uses GeoIP to auto detect where customers are via their IP address. With the help of Google Suggest, your customers fill their address more quickly

All roads lead to Checkout page

Magestore One Step Checkout 2 will auto redirect customers to checkout page when they add products to cart. In case they want to change the quantity, there’s no need to go back shopping cart. Your customer can do it right in the checkout page.

Magestore one step checkout 2

The best solution for successful eCommerce user experience

Using material design with 3-column layout supported, One Step Checkout 2 will bring a fresh “outfit” for your online store within some minutes. Besides, all modules will look great on all screen sizes as well as any device: desktops, laptops, tablets or even smartphone thanks to its responsive layouts. One Step Checkout 2 also allows you to customize the color of layout and the “Place Order Now” button. Checkout title and description can also be changed by yourself.

In order to improve conversion rate right in checkout page, Magestore recommends you to use One Step Checkout 2 along with some other extensions like Reward Points, Gift Card, Social Login, Store Credit, Store Pickup. All extensions provide customers more benefits when they check out and you will get 5% off when purchasing 2+ extensions at once. Quickly check other features of One Step Checkout 2

Magestore one step checkout

Review for One Step Checkout 2

Magestore one step checkout 2

In conclusion

There are no doubts that Magestore One Step Checkout for Magento 2 will become a leading checkout solution for Magento 2 stores. It is much faster than the default Magento checkout with lots of out-of-the-box features. With One Step Checkout 2, you not only never lose customers before they convert, but also increase completed checkout rates by a simple process for your customers!

Quickly check how to configure the Magestore One Step Checkout Magento 2 extension and take a look at its front-end appearance.

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