product basic configuration
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Right here is the methods you will follow with this All about the Product Detail Section Configuration in Magento 2:
  • Name
  • SKU
  • Price
  • Tax Class
  • Images and Videos
  • Quantity
  • Weight
  • Categories
  • Description

Magento 2 bring to you a hold new Product basic configuration section, a lot of simplicity if you compare with Magento first version. And Because it’s new so I think that you are not familiar at all. Today I will talk the section that provides basic information about the product, the Product Detail Section. This section gives you the ability to add attributes and categories  as you define the product.

The Product Detail Section look like this:

Product Detail Section

Let start with what each field on this section means.

Name Store view (Required) The name of the product, as you want it to appear in the catalog.
SKU Global (Required) The Stock Keeping Unit is a unique identifier for each individual product or service provided. A default SKU is auto-generated, based on the product name.
Price Website (Required) The retail price of the product.
Tax Class Website The tax class that is associated with the product.
Images and Videos Store View Displays the images and videos that are currently available for the product.
Quantity Global The number of items currently in stock.
Weight Global Determines if the product has weight, and specifies the value for shipping calculations. In the United States, weight is measured in pounds and ounces, whereas countries on the metric system use grams and kilograms. The unit of measurement defined for your locale in the configuration.
Categories Global Indicates the categories that are assigned to the product.
Description Store View The main product description that appears on the product page. The product description is initially entered as plain text. The WYSIWYG Editor can be used to format the text with HTML tags, if permitted by the description attribute properties.
  • I think this description of each field in Product Detail section gives you everything you need to build the product as you define at the first place.However, I have some notes that can be helpful.
  • At the fields which have the Scope Description is “Global”, you must fill it in a global way, do not just write the thing you come up by yourself, make customers miss understanding is the big problem for every E-commerce business.
  • At the Description Field, I have a special note for you. DO NOT paste text directly from a word processor, because it might include print control codes that do not render correctly online. If using a word processor to compose the text, first save the description as a .txt file to strip out any control codes before copying and pasting it into the product description field.
  • That’s it. Follow all the introductions above and you can complete the configuration of Product Detail. This is just one of the product basic setting. I will come to another basic and advanced settings in the up-coming post.
  • This is the first thing you must know before you configure Product basic configuration, including Images, Videos, Search Engine Optimization and Website. Hope my post can be helpful. If you have any question in product configuration process in Magento 2, leave it in the comment section, I will reply as soon as I can.
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