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Imagine walking into a bookstore where none of the bookshelves were labeled and there were thousand of uncategorized books all over the place. Wouldn’t that be so frustrating?

That’s exactly how the shoppers feel when they come to an eCommerce store with poor navigation.

We all know online shopping is supposed to save time and easy for customers to get direction to all the products in stores. If, instead, they have to waste their precious time figuring out how to navigate your store, you’re going to lose them while there are plenty of eCommerce sites out there doing this really well.

That’s why eCommerce site navigation is essential to the success of any site. If your customers cannot find what they are looking for, there is no way they will be able to buy it.

Here are 3 basic changes you can make to improve your eCommerce website’s navigation.

Use Dynamic Categories

If you use Magento platform for your website, it’s hard for you to customize the navigation as the way you want. But don’t worry, Magento extensions will help you do that without difficulties.

We recommend Magento 2 Mega Menu  – top extension in the market. With this amazing extension, displaying your navigation in a various way has never been easier.

Magento 2 Mega Menu extension magento 2 / magento 2 navigation menu - Type of menu content

Never let your customers get bored again because Mega Menu extension will help you create different types of well-organized and attractive category listing both horizontal and vertical.

Not to mention other helpful functions which are very necessary to navigating your eCommerce site in a scientific way.


Use Filters

Using filters in eCommerce store will help customers find exactly what kind of product they want and make decisions a whole lot faster.

Allowing users to filter search results by cost, dimensions, colors, reviews and other parameters will allow them to narrow down on the right product options. Without filters, they’d be left with too many options to sift through, and if they don’t find something in the first 10 listings they’ll close your website and go to another.


Include Search Option

Including a search option perhaps besides the top menu bar could be also very helpful and advantageous. These helps visitors and customers to make inquiries without having to undergo so much hassles and trouble before finding any commodity.

It also helps potential customers to make research on the eCommerce website. Knowing what the site sells and what they do not sell.



You may get a lot of traffic, and you may have a wide range of products, but if your customers can’t find the right products, they can’t buy them. By making these changes to your product search and navigation you’ll see an improvement in conversions and a decrease in bounce rate.

Have you tried optimizing your navigation? What results did you see in terms of conversion rates?

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